Highlights of Norwich Rising 2015

Sue Lane performing Behind the Wall

About Norwich Rising

Norwich Rising is part of One Billion Rising, a global campaign to end violence against women. Since the campaign was launched, on Valentine's Day in 2012, a small group of people in Norwich organises an annual event in Norwich. The group has got its own web site: norwichrising.wordpress.com.

About this web page

Like all pages on this web site, I set up this page purely to play with recent HTML5 and CSS3 features — in this case viewport units, CSS3's calc() function and rotation (for the page header). It's not meant to work in every web browser under the sun, though it should display fine in recent versions of Firefox and Chrom(e|ium).


The background image used on this web page is by Eloise O'Hare. The poster images for the videos are by sasastro.